Shosuro Ayaka

Shosuro Ayaka

“A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.”

- Ruth Weston



No one knows what Ayaka looks like under her mask. No one’s ever seen her without it. What can be said is that — beside her mask — she’s very good at holding herself and dressing herself to look bland and normal. She’s got a bit of a figure — not enough of one to be beautiful, but she’s certainly not flat or square enough to be ugly. She is dainty — she at least has that going for her. Her hair is…well, normal. Absolutely nothing of Ayaka’s stands out in any way, shape, or form. Her face is presumed similar, but as she’s wearing a mask, this is unknown — hell, underneath it maybe she has the most beautiful face in Rokugan. 1

Known Information

  • Advisor to the Scorpion clan Daimyo, Bayushi Shigure.
  • Studied acting at the Shosuro school in the Painted City. She was a street sweeper!
  • Likes the koan “Love’s bonds are like a carp.”
  • Formerly engaged to Matsu Moto. No longer due to her rise in status. Also, he’s dead.
  • Was a hostage of the Unicorn Clan’s Moto Bataar during the brief war between the Lion and the Phoenix.
  • Often seen with Agasha Kazeshi and Moto Bataar, and when the three are in the same city they tend to be together.
  • Has aided Seppun Airetsu on a few separate tasks.
  • One of the three known people who knows of the Eggshell Curse. – Not any more! However, she’s among the primary knowledge base of it.
  • Runs interference between the general populace and the Jade Champion, Agasha Kazeshi.
  • Has met the emperor. Avoided talking to him as much as she could.


The following may or may not be true.

  • May have, in fact, helped Seppun Airetsu in discovering her mentor, Bayushi Hanaku’s, treachery and saw to the further execution.
  • Really, really despises Matsu Moto
  • May have helped stop a war between the Phoenix and the Lion.
  • May have helped start a war between the Phoenix and the Lion.
  • Has a thing for Yoritomo Soboru, the Mantis clan Daimyo
  • May have set Ide Musubi up to die.
  • May in fact be having an affair with Yoritomo Soboru.
  • Longed for marriage with Matsu Moto. Now she’s in mourning since he died. Having, y’know, killed himself for her.
  • Caused a whole family of the Matsu to be stricken from the record—and thus become ronin.
  • Helped convince the Emperor to let the Emerald Champion kill himself.

1 Probably not.

Shosuro Ayaka

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